Request for support

At end of deployment, the Client school completes Deployment Evaluation Form either jointly with S2SS or independently and sends to QTA.

S2SS works in commissioning school


S2SS Deployment Log part 1 to be completed and signed on each visit

S2SS Deployment Log Part 2 continuous log submitted after each visit

QTA agrees monitoring with the placement

S2SS arranges deployment with the school/body

S2SS or QTA contact, negotiates deployment with commissioning school records on S2SS Deployment Overview/Planner. After initial contact with QTA the S2SS may make a visit to further discuss deployment.

S2SS’s Head teacher agrees contract

(MOU) signed by all parties)

QTA contacts S2SS’s Head teacher

Commissioning school/body  approaches Quantock Teaching Alliance (QTA) for School-to-School (S2SS) support

S2SSs contacted directly should inform QTA, investigate possible funding for placement and get initial approval.

At last visit S2SS agrees with placement ways in which further improvement can be made and records on log  (to be used by placement for evaluation)

S2SS completes a review/reflection of the placement (Optional form, this can be based on the deployment evaluation for but will be more detailed in nature. It may be written as a case study)